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First Institute of Reliable Software

Together we form and propagate the new IT-culture, consisting of reliablity, proud and responsibility for the result.

First Institute of Reliable Software
forms and propagates the new professional culture of software development

The new professional culture consists of:

1 Reliability

Reliable — means "better than in the specification". We seek for reliability in everything: people, processes, software, services.

2 Proud

Each person must be proud of what he is doing. Each product must be treated as a masterpiece.

3 Personal responsibility

Each person must take personal responsibility for what he is doing, results, and outcomes.

Latest news

Unit-tests for UI components in iOS with Swift
10 Jul 2020

Automated testing of the UI components has several challenges. The first challenge is to ensure that the UI tests are stable and do not fall from run to run for reasons independent of the code itself. For example, if a network request freezes, then the visual component will not be updated on time, a timeout will occur and the test will fail.

Certification for Fortifier
06 Mar 2018

First Institute of Reliable Software held the first exam to obtain Certified Candidate stage for engineers of Fortifier — First Reliable Soft for Best Insurers. All participants responded successfully to questions related to motivation and philosophy of Reliable Software, project management, fault-tolerant software architectures, quality assurance, and armouring of the critical components.