Manifesto of joining the professional community of the First Institute of Reliable Software.

The party that has acceded to this Manifesto declares its intention to consolidate its professional, organizational and creative opportunities for:

  1. Assistance, development, popularization of a socially useful and professionally responsible and significant movement for reliable IT design.
  2. Participation in the development and promotion of new high quality standards in design, development, testing IT projects.
  3. To be the bearer of high standards of reliable IT design and professional responsibility.
  4. Increasing ethical requirements and moral conformity of professions: programmer, tester, project manager, system analyst as professions of high social responsibility and culture.

The acceding Party declares that:

  1. Will implement sound IT design practices in his personal projects.

    “In every code, project and document that I develop, I will put my personal signature responsibility (signature) by which I certify that this product is of high quality and reliable and I I am proud of my work, and I am responsible for the quality of a reliable product.”

  2. Will promote, strive for and make efforts to implement the principles of sound IT design in its organizations.

    “I strive to have a signature in every code, project and document that my Company develops. liability of the Company. And everyone in our Company is proud that the Company puts such a signature.”

  3. Will take an active part in the life of the Trusted Software professional community and will support other members of the community for the purposes of the goals of the professional community defined by the Memorandum “Reliable Software”

    “Together we are shaping a new culture of IT design, which is based on reliability and personal responsibility for the result.”

  4. Will promote the professional ethics of sound IT design in society.

    “I am the bearer and source of a high IT-design culture, which is based on reliability and personal responsibility for the result. My codes will not harm society. Do no harm!”

  5. Failure to uphold the values of the Community and this Manifesto will result in termination of participation in the professional community “Reliable Software”.

    “I understand and agree that the result of a violation of the values and principles will be the termination of participation in the Community “Reliable Software”.

The Community guarantees:

  1. Institutional and/or financial support for community members in scientific work in the field of: a) reliable software security; b) popularization of knowledge; c) promoting the professional ethics of reliable software.
  2. Free access to publications and developed standards for sound IT design.
  3. Priority right: a) to create and manage various thematic areas in the Community, specializing in specific scientific, practical and social issues of the Community; b) access and moderation the processes, forums and institutions of the Community; c) participation and nomination for awards and grants of the Community; d) privileges in gaining access to the institutions and products of the Community and its Partners.
  4. Recognition of contributions through a system of honorary statuses and titles in the Community.

The differentiating idea of the community of professionals:

“We are shaping a new professional IT culture!”